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Doyle Cleverlobe Doyle is one of the first transfers from Earth. Doyle is failing and Galaxy High is his last chance to graduate! On Earth, Doyle was a popular athlete, but here he is just a dimbo!
Aimee Brightower Aimee is the other transfer from Earth. Aimee was a nerd on her home planet, but at Galaxy High she is accepted more and becomes the most popular girl in school!
Milo de Venus Milo, from Venus, is the school class president. Milo looks like a human but he has six amrs! Milo is a bit accident-prone too!
Gilda Gossip Gilda is a big-mouth with four tentacles with mouths at the ends on her head! She talks real fast and can dish dirt on anyone!
Booey Bubblehead A bit absent minded, Booey has a bubble for a head in which you can see her brain floating in the middle! Booey loves the rock singer Mick Maggers!
Wendy Garbo The school flirt, Wendy has a black book with a description of every boy in the school! Wendy has a fur stole around her neck that happens to be alive! Wendy is jealous of Aimee as well and literally turns green!
The Creep From the planet Serabeak, the Creep is a angel-winged flufball. The Creep sings like Frank Sinatra. He is madly in-love with Aimee and follows her around!
"Flat" Freddy Fender Freddy is a 2-dimensional young lad. Not too hard for him to fit through any anything!
Beef Bonk Beef Bonk is leader of the Bonk Bunch and is the school bully! He hates Earthlings, since they stink! When Beef gets mad, his face turns blue and steam blows out of the holes in his neck! Beef also hates onions!
Rotten Roland Rotten Roland is really rotten! He loves rotten eggs and looks like one too!
Earl Eccchhh Earl is a green slimy blob with no arms or legs! He has a really bad temper too, especially if you sit on him!
Harold Horsefly, may he rest in piece!

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