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<09.16.2009> - SAD NEWS
Galaxy High voice actor, Henry Gibson passed away at the age of 73. Gibson was suffering from cancer and passed away Monday night. He is most famous for appearing in Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In in the 1960s and has acted in many other TV and film projects. His most recent was Judge Clarence Brown on Boston Legal. Gibson was the voices of Aimee's locker #X234V9, Doyle's locker #Z4229Q, Al Gatori, Ms. McBrain's blackboard and various other characters in the Galaxy High animated series

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Doyle Cleverlobe was a high school star and Aimee Brightower was not very popular, not very cool! The two kids are chosen from Earth to go to school at Galaxy High, the universe's first intergalactic high school! Now learn everything you wanted to know about this lost but very popular 1980s cartoon! Get an Episode Guide! Look up the students and faculty! Learn facts about the show! Get to know the cast and crew! Post memories of the show in our guestbook and talk to others in the message board and chat room! Also, get the series on DVD!!!

ULTRA RARE ALTERNATE GALAXY HIGH THEME SONG: This is the instrumental version showing various clips throughout the show:

Write to Media Blasters to get the music from the show released on a soundtrack CD!

Hard to believe Galaxy High debuted 23 years ago back in 1986! For a one-seasoned 13 episode series. It still remains strong in the hearts of the fans. Thanks to the people who campaigned to get the series on DVD here in the US!


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