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HAL RAYLE (voice of Doyle Cleverlobe) shares his memories of working on Galaxy High! Hal Rayle's Website
-How was it being one of the starring characters of the show? This was a dream come true. Since the time I was 3 years old and saw my first puppet show. I knew I wanted to do voices for characters. In particular, animated characters. I was a comic book nut and an impressionist all of my young life. The role of Doyle Cleverlobe is in many respects the dearest to my heart. I love being the voice of the Hal-9000 for Universal Studio's as well as the voice of Alfred Hitchcock. I've done a lot of voices for a lot of things but Doyle was my first series lead. -Is Doyle's voice similar to your own natural voice? Yes & no. Doyle was a trademark of mine. The kind of register I have but, I've always considered him more of an Elroy Jetson grown to late teens. I studied with Daws Butler the creator of Elroy Jetson and we both shared that same timbre. That Henry Aldrich glitch without the pitch change. -Are you and Susan Blu still in contact? What about any other members of the cast? I left Hollywood 12 years ago to embark on the digital highway. Since then, sadly I don't get to see a lot of my friends and co-stars. Susan Blu is an excellent animation director in her own rite and remains very much a part of animation. I recently saw Nancy Cartwright (Gilda Gossip / Bart Simpson). She's such a sweetheart. My wife (Maggie Roswell) is still on 'The Simpsons' (18 years) but, we do it from our home studio now. -I think Doyle should have hooked up with Aimee. Did you think it would have happened given the series was to be renewed? They left a lot of hints in that direction. I look at it like the series 'ED'. It's much more interesting to keep them close to getting together and then something always happens. They don't share a lot of the same interests but, chemistry has a way of overcoming such things. -What other characters did you voice during the 80s? A lot. A personal favorite was to play Prince Crotan the son of Ming the Merciless on 'Defenders of the Earth' also Max on 'Spiral Zone'. I recommend you go to my web site www.audiornr.com and peruse for yourself. The 80's were a fun time but I would hardly call that my high water period. The things I'm doing now...today are much more exciting and rewarding. However, working in Hollywood taught me a great deal about the differences between the show and the business. -What did you think of the quality of the animation and music when you first saw the show? I loved it. A lot of bright colors and crazy fun characters. Howard Morris whom I dubbed the 'Godfather of Comedy' is a gas to work with. I learned so much about how to standup under pressure...real pressure. Look at the lions who were in the room. Pat Carroll, John Stevenson, Howard Morris, Henry Gibson, Gino Conforti & Nancy Cartwright there were some very talented people in this room and I'm the lead?! At first it scared the be-jesus out of me. Howard Morris has a way of coming over like a rough ol' cob but, I got to know his softer side. He's a wonderful fellow when he lets you in. I was lucky enough to be awarded that privilege. -How come you and everyone else at GHS could breathe in space!? Of course this is speculation, you'd have to ask Chris Columbus the real story but, I suspect it's because we were animated and they let it go at that. Also, many of the buildings were under a dome of some sort. -What is your favorite episode? The Attack of the 50 foot Doyle ('It Came From Earth'). I haven't seen it but it was great fun to do. -What was your favorite character, besides Doyle of course? I loved Danny Mann as the Creep, David L. Lander as Milo. He always had his nose in a book or the paper. It seemed he had no idea where he was in the script but he did know. He was foxy that way. Of course Susan Blu's Aimee. Who couldn't fall for her sweetness. Gino Conforti as Reggie, Henry Gibson as the lockers & everything Howard played. His Luigi as a gas to watch. Really though, everyone who was a part of the cast was excellent at their job and wonderful to work with. -How were the recording sessions? Did you have alot of fun at them? Kenny Burgen's B&B Studio's. The greatest place to work in the world at that time. Kenny passed away and believe me the world will never see his like again. The sessions were as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. Absolutely a blast! Howard used to close the sessions with: 'God love you and lick you all over!' Truly a great time. -Did you ever meet Chris Columbus, the TMS people, Don Felder or any of the writers of the show? I met some of the writers but never any of the biggies. The folks at TMS were very wonderful to me. From the top on down. Just a great place to work and good people to work for. Unlike some places they were very generous. -What other characters do you remember voicing in the show besides Wolfgang? That's about it really. I played 65 extra characters on Back to the Future (the series) but, they kept me on pretty much for Doyle only. -Why do you think Galaxy High was not renewed for a second season? This was the time of the big 3 remember. We were submarined. All focus went to Pee-Wee's Playhouse and we were constantly being pre-empted by sporting events and other commitments the network had. As a result we really never had much of a chance for a ratings climb. -Do you remember if the ratings were good? They were good when we weren't pre-empted. -Do you think Galaxy High could be redone today as either a new animated series or movie? I'd like to see both actually. I'm still spry enough to do the voice (hint, hint who ever is out there). I've always thought Chris Columbus did a great job on the story line and characters...so really, except for the possibility of contractual and financial restraints I can't see why it couldn't happen. -Would you work on a new GHS series if it happened? Absolutely, I'd love to. However, I'd have to do it remotely. Given today's global world‚ń¶I don't see why that should be a problem. My wife does the Simpsons from our home. I remember doing the Hal-9000 with Kier Doulet (Dave). I was in Los Angeles, Kier was in New York, the client was in Texas & the agency was in Chicago. It's a whole new ball game these days. Many stars are working remotely. -Is Galaxy High your favorite show you worked on? One of them yes. -What are you up to these days? I am C.E.O. of Roswell & Rayle Inc. a multi-media company specializing in comedy advertising for a variety of mediums and C.E.O. of BaboonTunes.com a mobile entertainment company specializing in ringtones, ringbacks and messaging for your cel phone. This is very, very fun. I get to take all the things I've ever done and re-tool it for cel phones where I maintain ownership of content and control what it is I do. I am also working with Rich Moyer a really talented animator here in Denver, Colorado. He designed the BaboonTunes log. We're doing a variety of animated features for Clear Channel Radio, Starz Encore as well as developing Mobisodes for your cel phone. In the event your not sure what a Mobisode is they're 30 second to 60 second animation bits to be shown through mobile devices. Check us out on the web. -Your going to get the DVDs right? Holy Kremola! Of course I am. It sounds gweechy! -What do you think of the Galaxy High Website? I must admit. It's really spectacular. One thing though. The yellow font is hard to read. (I toned the yellow down later.) Other than that it's really very well done. On behalf of the cast, crew, writers and creators...Thank you! Thank you so much Mr. Rayle! July 8, 2006

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