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Galaxy High owned by

Well, not the same GHS we know.  Read this press release for a new show debuting on the 
Cartoon Network in the fall called TEAM GALAXY.

What happens when three outrageous teenagers are thrown into the most eye-popping 
space adventures? TEAM GALAXY tells the story of friends like no others: Josh, Yoko and Brett. 
The three of them have been chosen to attend GALAXY HIGH, the coolest high school on earth 
where they are trained to become space marshals. Throughout their adventures, the heroes of 
TEAM GALAXY will have to multi-task between the tribulations of their teen lives and fighting the 
craziest alien villains ever known to man.

From the team that brought you the international T.V successes 'Totally Spies!' and 'Martin 
Mystery', Team Galaxy is a refreshing blend of comedy and action, with a unique animation style 
that combines 2D and CGI animation. 

Here is their website: Team
Here are early advertisements for the series. The first one was submitted by Hal Rayle. The series was created by Chris Columbus, the director of such movies as Adventures In Babysitting, Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Mrs. Doubtfire, Stepmom and produced the first three Harry Potter movies. In addition Mr. Columbus wrote the Gremlins and the Goonies scripts. Don Felder wrote and performed the theme song as well as the excellent score of the show. Don Felder is a former member of the Eagles rock band. John K. (Krisfalusi) was a character designer for the show and went on to create Ren and Stimpy and the Ripping Friends. Also John K. worked on the New Adventures of Mighty Mouse which aired the following season. As you can see in the preliminary artwork above, Beef's T-shirt says 'I'm the Beef' as oppose to 'Earth Stinks!!'
Galaxy High originally aired at 10am EST/9am CST after Muppet Babies/Muppet Monsters and before Teen Wolf in the 1986-1987 season on CBS. It was moved mid-season to 11:30am EST/10:30am CST after Teen Wolf and before CBS Storybreak, so Pee-Wee's Playhouse could move to the 10am EST/9am CST spot. Therefore, in a later timeslot, Galaxy High was often pre-empted for CBS Sports events and this was one factor to it not being renewed! It was later re-ran on CBS from January through August in 1988. When the Sci-Fi Channel aired it from 1994-1996, they heavily edited two minutes out of every episode. Usually they would cut some funny gags that weren't too important to the story and a few of the Creep's songs. A trailer for the show was shown at the Boston Creation Con in 1986, as well as Transformers the Movie! 'The Brain Blaster' episode was nominated for Humanitas Award in 1987, for is anti-drug message, but lost to the Smurfs! An alternate theme song exists showing clips from various episodes. The theme was changed to an instrumental one. At the end Aimee speaks 'Here we are Doyle! The only two kids from Earth at a high school in outer space! How do you feel?' Doyle responds 'A little spaced out Aimee!' Here is the clip:
In the 1974-75 Hanna-Barbera animated series 'Partridge Family 2200 A.D.', Keith and Laurie Partridge attended Galaxy High School! In 'The Beef Who Would Be King' episode, the Kholestrolians call out 'Where's the Beef?' This was of course from the popular Wendy's resturant catchphase in the 1980s. The title to episode #10, 'The Brat Pack' is a nod to the group of young actors who appeared in many films during the 1980s.
Here are the covers to the North America VHS and Europe PAL releases from the 80's. The VHS edition featured the first three episodes and 'Beach Blanket Blow-Up.' The PAL release only featured the first two episodes.
An 85 page paperback book titled 'Galaxy High School' was published in August 1987 by Bantam-Skylark Books and written by Ann Hodgman. It is an adaption of six episodes, 'Welcome to Galaxy High', 'Those Eyes, Those Lips', 'The Beef Who Would Be King', 'Dollars and Sense', 'Beach Blanket Blow-Up' and 'Founder's Day.' In the prologue, it says that Doyle and Aimee are from Presley High School and their sports teams were called the Hound Dogs. It also says that Aimee didn't know Doyle well before coming to Galaxy High, but did think he was cute, until they actually meet when first entering their new school. The show was animated by TMS Entertainment, also known as Tokyo Movie Shinsha, a Japanese animation company that has worked on Lupin the Third, Hamtaro, Sonic X, Ulysses 31, DuckTales, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Heathcliff, Inspector Gadget, The Littles, The Mighty Orbots, Bionic Six, The Real Ghostbusters and many more!
In the first episode, Doyle's locker says he has been at Galaxy High for 30 years. Also in 'Founder's Day' the gang travel 30 years to the day Galaxy High was founded. But in 'Pizza's Honor', Luigi references that his Pizza Parlor has only been open for 20 years. Also in the first episode, when the girls drive by to talk to Doyle and Milo on their way to the Galaxy Galleria, Aimee's steering wheel is on the left side of the car, instead of the right as it is usually portrayed. In 'Pizza's Honor', Rotten Roland speaks with Earl Eccchhh's voice in one line. In 'Where's Milo?', after Milo has caused Coach Frogface's team to shrink, Beef and the Bonk Bunch come up and harass him, but only Beef speaks while Roland and Earl's just move their mouths! Also in 'Where's Milo?', when Professor Icenstein is making the re-animation formula, he drops the first batch on the floor, breaking the glass beaker. After he makes the second batch, Booey takes what looks like the first one and mixes them together! Again in 'Where's Milo?', at the ending when Luigi is begging for Milo to come back to work for him, in the background Aimee's legs are colored flesh instead of blue! In 'Those Eyes, Those Lips' Booey and the cast call Mick Maggers 'Mick Mag-gers' but Aimee throughout the entire episode calls him 'Mick May-gers'. Also in 'Those Eyes, Those Lips', when the gang is at Luigi's, they are sitting at a table coming up with plans to get tickets to Mick Maggers. The number on the side of the table changes from 7 to 5 to 7 inbetween scenes. In 'It Came From Earth' Gilda Gossip calls Doyle a teenage monster. But this dream sequence takes place 15 years after everyone graduated, so he is in his early 30s!

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