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Photo submitted by Neil Ross
Check out our Interviews with some of the cast!
Left to Right: David L. Lander as Milo De Venus played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley Pat Carroll as Ms. Biddy McBrain, Coach Katrina and Mrs. Unicycle Voiced Ursula of Disney's the Little Mermaid Howard Morris as Professor Icenstein and Luigi La Bounci Mr. Morris was the voice director on Galaxy High. Voiced many Hanna-Barbera characters such as Atom Ant and Jet Screamer of the Jetsons. Voiced Wade the Duck on Garfield and Friends. Also was an actor and played Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show. Sadly Mr. Morris passed away in 2005. Nancy Cartwright as "Flat" Freddy Fender and Gilda Gossip Voiced Gloria on Richie Rich and Daffney on the Snorks, but is best known for the voice of Bart Simpson on the Simpsons Hal Rayle as Doyle Cleverlobe and Wolfgang Amadeus Voiced Deep Six on G.I. Joe and Sport-1 on Bionic Six Henry Gibson as Aimee's locker #X234V9, Doyle's locker #Z4229Q, Al Gatori (from 'Where's Milo?', Ms. McBrain's blackboard, Dr. Klotz (from 'Martian Mumps') Mr. Gibson is best known from being on the 1960s variety show Laugh-In John Stephenson as Beef Bonk, Harvey Blastermeier, Mister Master (from 'Pizza's Honor') and Jim the Gymnasium Another Hanna-Barbera veteran, voiced Mr. Slate on the Flintstones. Also worked on Transformers as Thundercracker, Kup and Alpha Trion. Guy Christopher as Earl Eccchhh Susan Blu as Aimee Brightower Voiced many characters throughout the 1980s and is a voice director today Danny Mann as the Creep and Mr. Splook (from 'Martian Mumps') Does many additional voices and worked on Disney's The Emperor's New Groove Neil Ross as Rotten Roland, James/Mick Maggers, Punk McThuster, James T. Smirk (from 'Martian Mumps') and a Flutorian (from 'Founder's Day') Voiced many characters in the 1980s such as Springer on Transformers, Shipwreck on G.I. Joe and Keith on Voltron. Jennifer Darling as Booey Bubblehead, Mertyl Blastermeier and Wendy Garbo Voiced Irma in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the 1987-97 series and Princess Aeka in the English dub of Tenchi Muyo! Gino Conforti as Ollie Oilslick, Reggie Unicycle, Mutie, Milburn Unicycle and a Flutorian (from 'Founder's Day') Pat Fraley (not pictured) as Coach Ferdy Frogface, Sludge, Trazinsky (from 'Pizza's Honor') and Kholesterolians

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