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Galaxy High is located on the asteroid Flutor in the Milky Way galaxy, but millions of miles in space from Earth. In Galaxy High the male population outnumbers the female population 3 to 1.
Aimee's new car given to her in the first episode is a Xenon X-5000 Turbo-Space Coupe de Ville. Doyle's old spaceboard is a Used 37 year old Benchen Hofflinger Model 1-7000! Galaxy High's school colors are yellow and blue
Zuggleball is like the Earth sport, Hockey, except the puck is alive! Psyche Hockey is also like the Earth sport except robots do the actually playing while you use a device placed on your head to psychically control them. Rocketball is like basketball, execpt you use jetpacks to fly through the air!
The students use vacuum tubes called "wooshers" that carry them any place at Galaxy High! The gymnasium is alive and has legs! He actually goes by the name "Jim" and moves from place to place on Flutor!
The lockers are programmed with personalities, and have robotic arms that come out of their doors to assist you putting your things away. Doyle's locker is extremely grumpy. Aimee, Doyle and the other main cast members are all seniors that will graduate in May 2024!
The Galaxy High School sign is lighted neon pink and flashes.
Luigi's Lunar Pizza Parlor floats above Galaxy High and is shaped like the planet Saturn. The girls dormitory is a yellow and pink sphere floating on the left side of Galaxy High, while the boys dormitory is yellow and blue, floating on the right. A landing pad is located on the bottom of Flutor for spaceships. The aliens use a 'Vidiphone' which has a picture of the person you are calling. The phone has a cord though, and they didn't anticipate cell phones I guess! Other nearby asteroids neighboring Galaxy High include ones with the Galaxy Galleria, a Space Port and a theme park called Novaland.
The Galaxy Galleria has all kinds of shops where you can get malt shakes, play video games, buy clothes and get your skin dyed.
Other planets that are featured in the series are: Tingler, Kholesterol, the Platinum Planet, Fort Lauderiod, South Andromeda, Mars and of course Earth! Apparently all the Galaxy High residents can breath in space, Doyle and Aimee included!
"Oh Fratz!" "Holy Kremola!" "Sounds Gweechy!" "You Dimbo!" "Quarkface!" "Zuggleface!" "Geekezoid!" "Nutzoid!" "Ewww Grosski!" "We're going Style Shopping!" "Are you Kakallac?" (chicken) "What the Kratz!" "What a Gazort!" "Zork!" "He's got the Ralookas of a Moeka!" Beef Bonk: "Earth Stinks!" Beef Bonk: I'm gonna plasmerize that Earth boy!" Rotten Roland: "I love it! I love it!" Reggie Unicycle: "I can't stand it!"

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