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NEIL ROSS (voice of Rotten Roland) shares his memories of working on Galaxy High -Where were the voice recording sessions done at? We recorded at B&B Studios near the corner of Magnolia Ave. and Hollywood Way in Burbank. A lot of animation was recorded there in the eighties. That's where I recorded the part of 'Honest John' for the Spielberg/Bluth animated feature 'An American Tail.' That session was engineered personally the late Kenny Berger who owned the studio. A lovely man. -What was it like working with legends Howard Morris and John Stephenson? Just great! I had watched Howard on the old Sid Caesar shows on television and in some of Mel Brooks' movies so it was a thrill to meet and work with him. He was a wonderful, actor friendly director. Endlessly supportive and very funny. Some sessions were like being at a great party minus the alcohol. I always enjoy working with John Stephenson. He exudes this aura of calm confidence which I appreciate. He also has an extensive background in radio drama which is something I had always wanted to do. Unfortunately it was over before I even got out of high school so I never got a chance to do it. Animation is as close as I got. Whenever I work with John I quiz him endlessly about radio's 'golden age.' -Did you ever meet Chris Columbus the series creator or Don Felder? Not that I recall. People come to sessions and mill around in the control booth but are usually never introduced to the actors. So they might have been around but I don't recall meeting them. -How did you come up with the particular voice for Rotten Roland? I don't recall specifically but I'm sure it happened at the audition. You show up, look at the artwork (if there is any), read the character description, formulate an idea for the voice and then record a few takes. The director may make a few suggestions which change the original concept. I'm sure that Howard probably put in his two cents worth and gradually 'Rotten Roland' emerged. -What other shows were you working on at the time? That was the spring and summer of '86. I was pretty busy in those days. Around that time I was probably doing either 'G.I. Joe' or 'Transformers'. Also worked on 'Centurions' and 'Rambo' that year. Might have been doing 'Visionaries' then too. -Do you know if Galaxy High was supposed to be renewed for another season or what was planned beyond the first 13 episodes? We're not privy to those things. They either book you for more sessions or they don't. In this case they didn't. Don't know how close we came to getting picked up. -Were you impressed with the animation and how the show turned out? I think so. I honestly don't recall. I'm very bad about tuning in. For me it's all about the work and by the time it gets on the air I've moved on to something else. As a result I haven't watched a lot of the finished product on anything I've done. -Were you happy with the storylines and messages of the show? Yes, I think so. I remember working with Howard Morris on another show and he was very vocal about how inferior he felt the scripts were on that one. But as I recall he was quite happy with the 'Galaxy High' material as was I. The only beef I had was that they never wrote Nancy Cartwright's character 'Flat Freddie' enough good lines. She was doing a voice very similar to the one she would eventually use for Bart Simpson. Every time she did a line the whole cast would crack up. I used to think: "Why don't they write this character more lines? - it could be the hit of the show." The voice was just so naturally funny, They didn't realize what they had. -Did you all have outtakes and have fun recording your voices? Not really. The engineer would have to save it and make a copy and they're usually much too busy. The only outtakes that get saved and passed around are the celebrity ones. I have a nice collection of those. At one point I got so busy and was doing so many shows that I had to carry a small portable tape recorder around with voice references of all the characters I was doing so I could refresh my memory before I went into a session. Ah, those were the days. -What are you working on these days? Very little animation these days for some reason. I've done voices for quite a few video games. I'm doing a fair number of promos and commercials. I'm also quite active in narration work. I'm proud to say I've narrated about fifteen Novas for Public Television in the past couple of years. Also narrated shows for the Discovery and History channels as well as A&E biographies and 'E' True Hollywood stories. I love narration work. It's just about the most rewarding part of the business for me. -Do you think a revival of Galaxy High could happen in these times? I always thought the show was ahead of its time. I think it would work just fine today with a few modern touches. Whether anyone would be interested in giving it a shot I don't know. -Do you own any of the episodes to watch or have you been able to see the show recently? No and no. -Do you anything else to share about Galaxy High? Only that while it didn't last very long, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had in the animation phase of my career. Good times. Good people. I'm glad I got to be a part of it. Thank you so much Mr. Ross! Mar 7, 2006

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