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Galaxy High owned by

Ms. Biddy McBrain - Principal and English teacher Mrs. McBrain was originally a waitress for Luigi La Bounci. She comes from a planet where it was against the law for women to be smart. Ms. McBrain has a large head for her brain with a light bulb sticking out of the end!
Professor Icenstein - Science teacher The professor comes from the planet Frostor. He keeps his lab extremely cold or he'll melt!
Coach Ferdy Frogface - Boy's coach The coach of zuggleball, psyche hockey and the rocketball team, Frogface loves to eat flies!
Coach Katrina - Girl's coach This lady is half horse half human with a killer mohawk! Coach of Outeraerobics and Wateraerobics.
Sludge - janitor Sludge is a cute little puppy who can change into a big huge monster!
Blackboard Ms. McBrain's blackboard is alive and serves as an announcer to the class.
Doyle's Locker, #Z4229Q Working at Galaxy High since it opened, Doyle's locker is very grumpy!
Luigi La Bounci A bouncy little man and owner of Luigi's Lunar Pizza Parlor which floats above Galaxy High. He and Mrs. McBrain discovered Flutor and created Galaxy High!
Ollie Oilslick Ollie is the local cabbie who takes the Galaxy High gang where ever they need to go!
"Reggie" Reginald Unicycle The richest man in the galaxy, Reggie went to Galaxy High's Elementary program when the school first opened. He owns a giant yacht-spaceship and many planets! He has a unicycle for the lower half of his body!
Harvey & Myrtle Blastermeier Harvey and Myrtle are joined together in matromony, literally! They are always meeting with Doyle and giving him rides when he is in trouble!
Al Gatori Mr. Gatori is owner of The Leather Scene, a shop that sells handbags, luggage, suits and gloves! He tried to get Milo employed at his store permenantly!
Mick Maggers Mick Maggers is the ultimate mega rock star of the Milky Way galaxy! Every girl goes nuts for him! Booey is his #1 fan!
Mutie The only mechanic on Tingler, the haunted planet, Mutie repairs Doyle's pizza shuttle.

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